Full Class
Special Thanks: Zac Harker, Ana Cristina Pereira Teixeira, and Megan McDonell

Innovation Framework:


Through the process of learning about innovation our group had the opportunity to visit with the CEO of Remind, and his brother, a co-founder. Remind is a platform that teachers use to communicate safely with students and parents about important classroom information.

During Remind’s process of being created, the CEO explained how motivation and innovation helped to bring the company to life. David, the CEO, gave us an opportunity to see through his eyes. His story started from nothing. He moved to Silicon Valley on a whim. For him, and investors around him it was the idea that lead to their success. It was all thanks to an Excel document that created a leader in the industry, and led to millions in round C funding. His idea was truly innovative. For him, he had to innovate or die.

Remind, is mainly designed for students and teachers. However the application is very versatile! Some users use the application to organize church groups, little league, or upcoming events. The experience our group gained from visiting Remind was invaluable. It gave our group a deeper understanding of the driving factor behind innovation.