Dan Bari, Megan McDonell, Kai Talapian

Innovation Framework:

Customer Feedback-Sheet 1

During our visit to Silicon Valley our class had the opportunity to visit the Microsoft office. Our team met with the General Manager of Developer Evangelism at Microsoft. The GM spoke about several aspects of innovation that drives Microsoft’s vision.

On this company visit, we focus more on how Microsoft innovates in Silicon Valley. According to our presenter, they believe the world is changing through evolution, funding and disruption. They also added that the future of the companies or country is through building things. Innovation through cultural collaboration is an internal opportunity for everyone in the company to spend time together “hacking” on projects of their choice.

One of their goals is to improve transit using bike coalition. In addition, they are reaching out to other businesses by trying to sell computers to gasoline companies. What amazed us during their presentation is how they were trying to apply Xbox Kinect to healthcare. They are using its sensor to determine a person’s movement. For example, in physical therapy treatment they help to provide data to physicians. Cortana is another technology that Microsoft is planning to update. One of the updated features will include technology to assist a visually impaired person. For example, when a visually impaired person enters a room, Cortana will be able to provide a data representation of containers in the room. The use of research in gathering data for Microsoft is essential to apply technology it in their product to provide the needs of the customer.

Microsoft innovation does not constraint budgets or limits resources and developments. Their innovation comes from the people and the products they are working with. What makes Microsoft be effective in innovation is their long history of highly technical, customer focused product management. Microsoft hires the best and they look for their product feedback that drives product requirements. They also focus on computer science people in product management to understanding customer input. This allows them to handle a small product and let them built on it in order to relate to the customer needs, with the knowledge of engineering.

Overall, Microsoft has been a company that has survived many difficulties that big companies are encountering right now. What helps them keep innovating is because of Silicon Valley’s uniqueness. Additionally, according to Microsoft, the history of the location such as Universities and Net foreign immigration is 19,194. This means that many people comes especially highly educated people to work in the technology field.

Truly it is that Microsoft continues to innovate and what makes them stand from other companies is that they are going beyond their boundaries in innovating, by applying the use of their technology in healthcare or coffee business such as Starbucks.

It’s astounding how Microsoft's innovations are still growing to make life easy for the people.