Ana Cristina Pereira Teixeira and Michael Weiss

Innovation Framework:

done_Innovation at Facebook

“Facebook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”
-- 2013 Facebook Mission Statement

Cultural Innovation

“Innovation is not limited by education.”
-- Facebook ‘15

Facebook has innovated the very culture of Silicon Valley, and makes great strives to continue to innovate unto this very day. One of the major ways they do this is by creating products that connect the world. They then continue to release products to help innovate the culture. Facebook has become its own cultural innovation.

Industrial Innovation

Facebook is continuing to build innovation in the industry. They are working on creating open standards among the community. Working with other companies will help facilitate with the newer standards to help the industry as a whole. With open standards more companies can create more work in a easier process. Thus saving time and capital.

Company Innovation

“Isolate smart workers, set high expectations, set them loose”
--Facebook ‘15

Facebook is successfully building innovation among itself in many ways. One of these ways is bringing amenities needed by the workers to their very campus. That way time is saved, and time equals money. Facebook is also developing their own frameworks inside the company to wrap around third party tools to utilize them to the fullest. Finally, Facebook has classes that workers can take to get a break from their work and continue to learn and can have a balance of work and play, while in a fast paced work environment.

Impact-sourcing Innovation

“Move fast, break things, be open”
-- Facebook ‘15

Finally, Facebook has created impact-source innovation. They are teaming up with a group of companies to bring internet to remote areas of the world. This is called Project Aquila. This will achieve the goal of connecting the world, along with helping to jump start the global economy in weaker sectors of the world.